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It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it was going to be. Because when I was there offseason, I was there in February, and I got, for instance, a nice although small Japanese size hotel room in Tokyo right near a subway stop for a night.Now on season it would’ve been 0 a night, but that’s still not bad.But I was eating at rice bowls and things like that, and I was spending a meal or something like that.So it really wasn’t that bad, but it does depend a lot on what you like. I think that you’ve touched on exactly the case is that you need to eat fairly locally and probably, yeah, fancy seafood and those really high end restaurants are gonna be expensive. We’re probably starting in Osaka or in Kyoto I’m guessing.And I went to one of those Kobe beef restaurants where the chef is in front of you cooking your meat on the hot plate, in front of you with the most amazing care and precision.And if a drop of oil spatters in the wrong spot, it’s cleaned up immediately.Although when I was in Japan, I understand it’s passé that there’s the other place that is even better, but…Amanda: Well, I was in Kobe last week again as well, and I have to say they are still telling the Western tourists that we should definitely eat Kobe beef, the Wagyu beef, and I think you should too.

So Japan has this reputation of being extraordinarily expensive. Now it’s a bit hard for me to compare to North American prices, but Australia itself has got so expensive in recent, in the recent sort of decade or so that prices were very comparable.

And of course, if you know somebody who wants to take their place, just let me know. Great to be here and I can’t wait to talk on and on about Osaka and Kansai, one of my favorite parts of the world. Amanda: It’s a lot of pressure, though, to try and be thoughtful all the time.

I’d like to welcome to the show, Amanda Kendall, from the Thoughtful Travel podcast, where you find at notaballerina.com, who has come to talk to us about Kansai, Japan. Chris: But before we do that, I’m very depressed because apparently since Amanda started podcasting after me, the Thoughtful Travel was a podcast name that was available. So if you’re the Amateur Traveler, then you can do anything.

And it is the most divine taste you will ever experience, I promise. Chris: While we’re talking food, other foods that you would recommend or particular places to go for food?

Chris: You had me sort of there, and then you got the seaweed in there. I mean, you mentioned Kobe for instance, which a lot of people in the US will recognize Kobe beef.

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